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Re: Programming for the 2011 Games

You're strong enough on the big lifts to qualify. Maintain that, add a bit to the deadlift, and really work on speed and power and then work on speed and power endurance. Those are going to be the big ones because the guys that win these events may or may not have great levels of top-end strength, but they can move the lighter weights prescribed for WODs (and their own bodies) very, very quickly, and their speed endurance is phenomenal.

One of things I learned from running is that the fastest guys in the mile or 800 are not the guys that are just flat-out fastest, but who can run the first lap or two most efficiently. Speed endurance and the economy of movement you learn from regularly practicing in that range can make all the difference. Basically, you can do a 2:09 Fran right now, but can you do a 3:00 Fran without breaking a sweat? You certainly have the capacity to, but you need to be able to actually do it. Pacing is very important in some of the events they throw at you.

Don't neglect aerobic conditioning, either. As much as there is a trade-off between elite levels of aerobic capacity and strength, you can build and maintain adequate levels of aerobic capacity without interfering much (think of what 400m runners do). That's all you'll need, but don't think you can just do it overnight. A lot of the sectionals this year programmed some fairly long workouts and a lot of guys were just completely petering out toward the end of them, even very strong guys that could blow through a <5:00 WOD like it's nothing.

Finally, don't forget the skill component. Efficiency in the fundamental CrossFit movements isn't just a matter of conditioning and strength, but a matter of long-ingrained motor patterns. Practice the more complex movements often at low intensity in addition to building capacity in them at high intensity. Work on your weaknesses more than you work on your strengths.
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