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Programming for the 2011 Games

Iím looking for advice on some long term programming. I wasnít able to make it to sectionals this year due to injury, but I want to be a contender in 2011. I have only been CrossFitting since the end of the summer and donít have any real experience with periodization in this sport. I have learned a few things I think should be relevant:

-Strength/power takes the longest to develop and can be retained relatively easily.
-Metcon ability = easy come, easy go. It took me about 3-4 months to really develop what I think is close to adequate for couplets/triplets.
-Endurance, from what I have read, can be almost fully developed in about 6 months of hard training. It can compromise strength training though. And I hate it, lol.
-Building work capacity to complete multiple events in one day- I really donít know how long this takes..? Any experience? I am guessing that intensity is likely to suffer, however, and probably shouldnít be done long term.

What sort of progressions would you guys recommend over the course of the next few months?

What I am pretty sure of:

Movements will always be functional, constantly varied, executed at high intensity. I will always be working through all energy systems, the only thing that really changes is the emphasis of the cycle.

I think I will start with a focus on strength, power, and top end speed because they are the slowest to develop. Olympic lifting, some power lifting, sled drags, short and brutal heavy metcons, and a bunch of sprint work of different intervals on the track and C2. Always with the emphasis of adding more weight, not more volume, with just enough metcons and lighter stuff to maintain my current levels. This is what I'm doing now, check out my log.

When I get my maxes up where I want them, I think I will gradually start working in more volume and longer workouts with those heavy weights. Gradual progression back to Crossfit duration WODs with heavy weights.

About 4-5 months out I will start working back to lighter more CrossFit type weights at break-neck speeds to really develop my metabolic conditioning. I may even go back to mainsite to make sure I donít have any glaring weaknesses. Just enough additional strength work to maintain.

1-2 months out my max outputs should be about where I want them, and I can start doing two or three-a-days to prepare for the games. Iíll most likely just do a sectional every cycle. I am thinking something like 2On/2Off to ensure adequate recovery.

1 week out- some light stuff to maintain levels and totally rest up for the competition.

Iím not really sure where to work the longer stuff in (the 5ks, 10ks etc.).
Like I said though, I donít have any real experience with this. I just came up with this based off my own (limited) experiences, a bunch of theory Iíve read on the boards, and some textbooks. If anybody has experience training athletes or preparing for the games themselves, please help me out. What has worked well, what hasnít? What am I missing?
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