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Re: paleo "change your life in 30 days"

Originally Posted by Niall Somerville View Post
Oh god. I suppose you think that alcoholics have a disease and are powerless to control it as well? Please! Cancer is a disease. Alcoholics just need to stop drinking. They make a choice to continue. People who accept they are powerless over something are basically just saying i'm a weak, useless human being who can't control myself and need to blame someone else for my actions.

I quit smoking after 5 years of 30 per day. I didn't use medication, patches or any other gimmick. I made a choice to stop and I did. I refuse to believe that food is more addictive than alcohol or tobacco and I refuse to believe food is more powerful than your own brain when it comes to giving up sugar.
While you are most certainly entitled to your opinions, you should be aware that your opinion is wrong.

Whether or not it is "more additive" than something else is a personal matter.

There is plenty of science on the subject that backs up my viewpoint, starting with the book I linked to and even from "CF-Friendly" writers including Dr. Cordain (author of orignal Paleo Diet book), Mochael Pollan (author of In Defense of Food and Omivore's Dilema) and Dr. Sears.

Please feel free to link to any credible science that addictions do not exist.
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