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Re: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Giving a Client Rhabdo

I suggest that Crossfit develop a two week series of WOD's for newcomers. WOD's that give a preview of some of the tougher lifts and gymnastic lifts, etc. A two week curriculum would give Crossfit more control of which exercises the newcomer did, the intensity level, and which lifts are done at first.

I don't exactly understand the resistance to a newcomer program... They are coming in off the street and made to do insainly hard workouts. I would never sue someone over something like that, but I can see where people are saying, "Hey! You *&^%'ers knew about Rhabdo and still killed me like that on my first day???? I'm sueing you for putting me in the hospital for a week." Or, something to that effect.

I generally support Crossfit because I do it all week now, and I think the basic idea is an elegant solution to the question of what real fitness is. But, if you know Rhabo is a problem, you don't just sit back and say - Oh, these people are crazy about sueing other people..etc. This is a recurring problem, probably worse among former atheletes who push themselves way further due to an imagination that has not evolved to their new "condition."
Where is a downside to a two week initiation period? Two weeks of WODs would still be random to the person in off the street. There may even be a higher retention rate since people won't be so tortured with DOMS that they say - forget this, it's too intense - before they are ready for the intensity.
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