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Re: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Giving a Client Rhabdo

Originally Posted by Kenneth R Davis View Post

I am not aware of the law suit. Can you fill in the details or perhaps provide a link where I can read about it?

It is disappointing to me there is not a standard morbidity report that CrossFit "Central" collects to establish a database to learn how to prevent this, what the risks factors are, earliest signs of onset, what's the best first aid, etc. There are papers in the medical literature on this and one can distill recommendations as you have done in your excellent summary. However, without controlled studies, the best that can be done to research this is collect case reports.

CrossFit "Central" could ask all affliates to report all rhado cases and provide periodic reports to the community on the frequency of rhabdo, any identified risks factors,and track if the incidence is going up, down or staying the same.

Curiously, I first learned of CrossFit after reading a New York Times articles in Dec 2005 entitled, "Dying to be Fit," about a 1st-time client Greg Glassman had that developed rhabdo after doing wall balls. The article quoted Coach Glassman as saying he had never been sued.
Kenneth - I replied to your post in the Health section as well and hate cross-posting but who have you contacted at CrossFit "Central" and what do you mean by CrossFit "Central"?

As to being sued, CrossFit was not sued, a former trainer was. CF was not even named in the suit. The only time CF has ever been named in a suit, they were dismissed as a third party defendant and that was fairly recent.

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