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Re: Comprehensive bodyweight workout list for download

I'm glad people are able to use it.

Chris I've never been to the CF Alpha site until today and I noticed you have a bodyweight blog. If you want me to add any of yours I'll be happy to do so.

Also I didn't think of this while I was making it but I'm going to add another section called Endurance challenges and Beatdowns, bodyweight workouts that are particularly devastating. For example, I came up with an idea for a "Burpee mile" and someone just told me they did it today in about 90 minutes. I'm really into long challenges like that. I have a bunch more extended bodyweight workouts that I've designed ranging from 1 hour to 12 hours that some people can attempt if they are feeling particularly insane. :stir:

I noticed a few mistakes and came across some more WODs I'd like to add, so stay tuned for another version by the end of the week.
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