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Comprehensive bodyweight workout list for download

I'm not sure where is the best place for this post. We have the excellent list of Eva T's bodyweight workouts compiled by George Mounce here (wfs). And we also have an excellent list of various workouts compiled by Crossfit PC compiled by Eugene Allen in this thread (wfs).

A lot of people including myself often have equipment issues and have to rely on bodyweight workouts. I wanted to give people a list of bodyweight workouts that they could print out, that is well-organized, neat, and comprehensive.

So here it is. I attached it as a PDF below; it's about 19 pages long. I divided it into Named WODs, Other CFHQ WODs, affiliate/user-created WODs, and running WODs. I took efforts to be efficient with space so you won't have to kill your printer.

A few notes:
  • This list includes workouts that require pullup bars, rings, and jumpropes. Those should be fairly accessible to everyone even if you can't access a gym.
  • The workouts don't have any of the following: biking, swimming, rope climbs, rowing, back/hip extensions, wall balls, dumbells, barbells, or any other equipment.
  • The last two pages consist of running workouts, mostly credited to CFE.
  • I tried to give credit where it is due, but I have no idea where from where some of these workouts came. A lot of them came from a list I found on here of bodyweight workouts but I don't remember who made it. If you lay claim to creating one and want me to credit you in a future version just leave a post indicating that.
  • If you see any mistakes, let me know and I'll fix it in a future version.
I hope some people find it useful.

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Moderators Note: you can find an updated and even more comprehensive version of Shanes document at post #33, below.
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