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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

Tuesday's workout.

W/U, right ankle twingy for some reason. Skipped runny though air quality is bar around here anyways.

Did a few handstands and played with alternating L pullups and weighted pullups as well as ring dips and weighted dips. 3 rounds of each, unweighted on rings and weighted on stationary. Used a 25 pound DB.

It had been 2 days off since Saturday's training and bike riding. I was going to do a workout as well but ended up not getting home till really late due to hanging out with friends. Took Sunday off as I was still tired and still lagging Monday. Can't do that again, because I started really feeling crappy from the inactivity.

Played with a few rounds of depths jumps, block jumps and pistols.

Ended up making a workout consisting of:

- Push Jerks 2x25lb DB
- Hug a twinkie ( reverse leg lifts, these were quite uncomfortable on my what I was doing them on, more so in the chest from holding on with arms outstretched )
- Handstand shrugs ( haven't done them in awhile, big whoop )
- Roman chair situps
- SDHP 2x25lb DB
- Back extensions
- standing DB arm swings ( about 10 each set )
- hollow roll through arch ( 3 hollow rocks in hollowx3 ) [ around 20 ]
- Straight arm lift 25lb DB and straight arm pulls with resistance (?lb) [ about 10 ]
- 1 arm 25lb DB snatch
- ring support leg lifts

15-10-5 of most of everything. Wasn't really done for intensity as I was just feeling out of it due to the 2 days off ( thought 21-15-9 would be too much ). Bleh. Still sweated crazy. Took 2-4 minutes between strength pullups and dips. More of a fun get back into it day.
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