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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

I've been reading a lot on starting strength lately, so I've been thinking on it. Right now it's monetary/time access to free heavy weights. My firefighter friend just bought SS and Practical programming and has a nice squat cage with plenty of weight. ONe thing is I am will egotistically state that I am no newbie to the lifts at all. I never did DL till last year really, but I had been doing jump shrugs and high pulls fast and heavy for a long time.

However, hooking up with him has never got on as he lives about 15-20 miles across town and mainly his school/volunteer firefighter/work gig. He told me as of July 1st he'll know his new schedule and so I'm hoping we are gonna hook up as well as bring one of our friends into working out by going to his house before he goes to work and dragging him along with whatever we can do with whatever equipment we can bring.

Last fall, my gymnastics gym had at least 150 pounds of weights so I was working on shoulder press and Oly lifts quite a bit ( the girls loved the weights flying [ in fact the first push press in a long time when flying up and behind me ). I stopped working with the weights since my hours were cut to shreds in January and I left in March.

Since then, a lack of access to weights and the funds to do drop ins at the local CF affiliate has compromised things. Things are picking up so I will try to get up there once a week to lift or if I can lift with my friend ( originally last year I intended to do once a week of Oly lifting and one day towards powerlifting/supplemental lifting ).

I started out lifting back during my senior year and kept up till a few years in college until I gave up my World's gym pass after getting into gymnastics and giving up the weights ( which from then on, I either plateau'd or went downhill in leg and wrist strength ).

I thinking adding the 1-2 days, besides getting more food will skyrocket my numbers besides getting neurologically efficient by just doing it more. I had hoped to shoot for a 1k CFT last fall but I'm guessing I could eek into low 700s ( 250/275-125/150-275/300 ). Gotta get used to standing with 300 pounds of weight on your back/shoulders. DL either goes or stays, but have to get used to resisting 2x BW trying to squish you.

There is some weird names with skin the cats, cranks, ice-cream makers and what not.

Missed the CFT today and will not be able to make it up tomorrow because I went a bit overzealous on food spending for the rest of the month.

Based on a 3-1, 2-1, I should be taking today off but I'm still itching to do something.

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