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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

So I screwed up the bear by only do 5 sets, not even a complete round. Did that in about 2 and a half minutes, so a full round would be 3 something. Weight was 2x25 DB so it's light and cleans are weird with BS having the DB on the shoulders while holding it. Will have to try again and be fun.

Can't figure out the exact mileage but neighborhood run was around 1.5 miles, possibly a bit more but not enough to matter. Roughly around 12 minutes based on the time of the oven clock, out the door and locking it till unlocking the door and looking it. This means, I can probably run a 7m+ mile if I pushed myself perhaps getting into 6:45 territory. I might try this on that HS track as it will be easier to pace and I can watch my pace with a clock. Much better than I thought and still had plenty of gas to step it up a notch and for the rest of the workout. This is good considering that I consider myself having extra pounds on my frame.

Left calf still was aggravated by pressure when stepping on it during the run. We'll see about sprinting Sunday. Feels fine now.

30s straddle L sit. 40s L sit on rings and HS on wall. Bah, get over a minute already.

Did 3 sets of L pullups and ring dips. 5 L-PU, 9.5 ( meaning I failed on the positive past the bottom ) RD. 4-5.5 next round, finishing with 3 and 5ish ( went wide on the last one ). I think I'm gonna continue this. That was after working my modified crank ( L to tuck lever, open to candle ) to back lever. Did this 3 time and was losing grip. Did one more back lever from candle for about 5-7 seconds with elbow crease down. Tried another from basket but failed.

So that means I got my back lever back a lot sooner than I thought since yesterday I thought it would be around July. I still prefer back lever from candle instead of basket.

Did 3 ice cream makers that were really crappy and 2 skin the cats to finish up.

Tried the " Bear " and messed up. DrillsandSkillsWOD was Air Squats and V-ups. Apparently only 4 rounds but I did 8. Decided to hold below parallel at the bottom and V-ups bothered tailbone which is still a bit sore. Next time maybe, leg lifts facing a clock.

Air Squats with 10s hold at bottom 17-15-14-14-14-13-13-13
V-ups, no hold for rest station so I could score, but rest was nice for squatting.
12-10-10-10-10-9-8-8 Bleh. Tired and slow.

I'll try this next time with 50 pounds to the squat and rest for 10 between. Maybe with leg lifts instead of V-ups...shouldn't be much different, possibly more difficult in later rounds.

Man, I still want to do more and some of those CF Games competitors are doing 4 WOD. Makes me think I can definitely do 2.

I think I'll keep the running seperate from typical workouts. Just eats precious time. My warmup really made the run easy, however.

Another thing, I can easily do yoga plow now. Whether this is due to an increase in flexibility, less fat, I dunno but I'm more lower in this stretch than ever before. Part of this, I think is due to warmup stick drills which I never did before. Pike is pretty far down as well, hip flexors still suck.

So maybe I can get to CrossFit Sacramento to do the CFT after the gig if I hustle and find some time to eat. Be interesting to see what I score.

I wonder if I'm gonna be sore from the running and tabata squats. Squats definitely was getting sore maybe from the run or that attempted Bear set ( probably woulda been really bad if I actually did it correctly ).

Would be fun to test Cindy or Mary soon. I'd like to do the HSPU modified instead of pushups and pistols instead of squats or vice versa. Ehh. Be interesting to see what I score. I'm hoping at least a dozen rounds of Cindy up to 20.

CFT priority, maybe Cindy as metcon. Tomorrow is Gymnastics Fran ( PU, V-ups, HSPU ) Mary would be slow because of the modifications so I might as well do it another time as that will be slow because of lack of strength in PU and HSPU.

Gotta try Danny's 10 thrusters@65 pounds and 10PU per 20m. Looked disgusting.
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