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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

Today and tonight's workout.

3 and a half bucks till tomorrow so bought a half gallon of choco milk. Wow, this stuff is surprisingly " thin. " Next time, I'm gonna switch to whole or 2% ( probably whole ) and just mix in chocolate if I care to. Haven't really been much of a milk drinker since last year sometime when I was drinking raw milk before bedtime. Occasionally, I have grabbed some but perhaps it's been awhile because the 1% really seemed light.

In lieu of not knowing what to do tonight, I'm gonna go run after the warmup, come back and hit the rings for ring dips, L pullups, and maybe some more modified cranks and and back levers.

Was reading Danny's CrossFit Sonoma's blog and they are doing the " Bear " today. Can't up the weight so I'll do 5 rounds for time and finish off with DrillsandSkills tabata squats and v-ups. This should be fun because last time I did this with air squats and modified pullups at 45 degrees. I think I will rest the 10 seconds below parallel or do it with 50 pounds. We'll see after the Bear.

Groin area is a bit tight from splits, but the run should loosen that up.

Cindy or Mary sound real fun tonight, but maybe I'll save that for tomorrow. I can probably bang out Cindy well or struggle through Mary, modifiying the HSPU and PU. Latter sounds vastly more interesting than just pushups and air squats. Hmm, maybe Cindy tomorrow and Mary on friday night.

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