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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

Hey George. Considering your brute strength, ( unsure of dips but those are fine, right? ) this is either the technique of the transition or getting that false grip down and being able to pull efficiently with it. Work an unassisted muscle-up if you can with bands or a block or a spot.

My foot is feeling pretty good today, but I skipped running tonight. I'll try to go for a run tomorrow after waking up and see how far I'll get. I haven't done a distance run in sometime in shoes ( however I have run up to a mile in sandals [ trying to get to work on time after I got a punctured tube on the bike ).

Foot was a bit achy on those 400's but I could done a 800 if I wanted to and I thought about running around the school. More than 2 laps gets increasingly mind numbing on a track. I could probably google a neighborhood distance maybe too.

So tonight I ended up doing my own thing which was a focus on static strength. Warmup, and 3 rounds of statics with a bunch of gymnastics positions and an one legged squat with the free leg on the knee/quad of the base leg. Looks very yoga-ish. Aum. Originally I was going to do a cat or crane stance and I ended up with that.

On to some rings works for awhile starting with swinging supports and skin the cat from L to a tucked german hang. Tried some supported Iron Cross pullouts for fun and it was 45 degrees maybe. Ended with some levers 2x2 BL/FL with a few minutes of rest in between. Ehh. Back lever is gonna be a month or two. Also did some Sommer's modified cranks ( L to tuck lever, open to inverted hang and back ).

Feeling that wasn't all I could do so I did one set of glute ham situps, back extensions, and reverse leg lifts/hug a twinkies for 10 reps each.

10 2x25 DB shoulder presses, push presses, and jerks followed by 25 SDHP ( I could really get to like these, fun ) and 15 on each of hand of 1 arm DB swing between legs catch in the air with other hand.

Played with pushups in low reps like fingertips, thumb, one hand, triangle, 2-4 finger with thumb, 1 or 2 knuckle, 1 finger or 4 finger...crap like that. Mainly for wrists.

Did play before rings with tuck planche. I prefer these with my DB than my door pullup bar as parallettes for some reason. Probably because of less height to crash down. Dammit, I forgot L and straddle Lsits during statics.

Earlier on was a mighty 30 second flex arm hang. 30 points on the women's PFT...hahahah. Too bad it's 70 for a max score. Something to play with. Eventually gotta hit 20 PU and a 70s flex arm for ****s and giggles. Good forearm work.

For the first time, played with BW+25lb DB on dips. Did 5. I think I could do more but this was towards the end of the workout and was more play and discovery. Did 3 PU with the 25lb DB and that was about it. I've done PU with various size kids hanging on, but never with weight besides a negative spot. Will either need heavier DB or some sort of weight belt or vest.

Tried doing pistol with the 2 25s on my shoulders but just felt confused in the movement and ended up being a negative. Using my bowling bowl, it figured itself out. However, I think I'll stick to plyometric type pistols vs weighted. Just weird.

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