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Re: Blair's I should have a log since I don't like logs log.

Did DrillsandSkills HSPU/PB PU between 12 and 14 minutes. Started at 9:23 and noticed I forgot to look at clock after I had done yoga plow, shoulders and middle splits.

No sprinting today. Went out to track and started sprint drills after WU. Left foot, especially soleus did not like hopping on one foot. Some discomfort in the other sprint drills that alternate foot to foot ( buttkickers, high knees, skipping ).

Opted to just run 3 sets of 200, break, 400 watching left calf. Midway between 2nd 400, started actually running hard vs just running. During last 400 started actually running it like a mile or 2mi pace, sprinting at the end on ball regardless of calf.

Came home, did some shoulder dislocates and stretched back and got right into DrillsandSkills WOD.

Now, it's time for a shower and food and look at new posts on the board and at gymnasticsbodies and perhaps look up men's olympic hopeful footage for US MAG. Hopefully will not be gimping around this week and I can hide a gimp in one foot with some discomfort compared to 2. Perhaps see how far and fast I can run mid week.
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