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Re: Official Blogspot Help Thread

Your root file is the first directory that your website is on. Anything you upload to your main directory will show up as

If you want to place a link to another article you've written on the web, as in the article is already on a webpage, then you would put this code in.

<a href=">Words you want to be clickable</a>

If you want to link to an article that's on your server for download, such as a word document, movie, audio file or whatever, then do the same, but in the quotes type in the location of where the file is such as

Are you paying for hosting with your own domain or are you using blogspot to host your site? I've never dealt with free sites like blogger or blogspot, so I'm not sure if they let you host files on thier server, which I would assume they wouldnt.

You can get a domain and basic hosting package for your site for under 15 dollars. 8 dollars for the domain and 3.99 for hosting per month. Hosting your own site gives you ALOT more freedom and flexibility.
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