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Singapore - Optimum Performance

Optimum Performance

I went to see Peter Rouse who own Optimum Performance in Singapore.

Its a great facility, 3 power racks, bars, bumpers, kettlebells, tyres, sled!

He mentioned the C2 rower is coming...

He runs a personal training company from the gym, and if you call him before hand he was very open to you using the facility.

Its walking distance to the financial district, so its great if your in town for a business trip.

He has also taken the initiative and had Steve Cotter over for a kettlebell class in June. The next one will be this November.

He's not an official affiliate, but it's a great place and it looks like theres finally somewhere you can do the WOD in Singapore.

He also sells kettlebells, bumpers and bars and the pricing is pretty good considering there's few other options out in here in Asia.

Best regards

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