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I finally made it to Corpus Christi and found a place with a garage for me to convert into the very beginnings of a home gym--it's sure taken me long enough.

That said, I'd like a little help from you folks since a lot of you are more experienced at this than I am. Also, if you've got any ideas for how to set a gym up without a ton of structural damage (I'm still renting) that would be ideal.

Dimensions of the garage are roughly 12' wide by 15' deep, with a 5" high, ~2' deep step at the back. The garage door is centered in the wall with a 2' offset on either side. The automatic garage door assembly drops 2' from the 9' ceiling, and its presence extends into the garage about from the door about 9'. Ceiling joists spaced 32" on center run across the width (parallel to the door) of the ceiling and are obviously hidden with drywall.

Right now I'm thinking about installing a Home Depot special pullup bar (about 5' long, 20" dropped from the ceiling) on the ceiling a few feet back from the side door and parallel to that wall, with a board backing. I'm also thinking about putting eye screws in for my rings in line with that bar for my rings, but that will require me to get an 8' board to take advantage of all the joists available. I'm probably being excessively conservative here, but it's just the engineer in me coming out... <grin>

The other option is to make a wall mounted bar and put it over the side door and kip through the door (which will be open anyway) but I don't like that option as much. Any ideas?

I'd also like to point out that I am a little nervous making something out of pipe and kipping on the sucker, even if I use some heavy duty lag screws (again the engineer nerves come out...). Anybody have any further ideas on how make this as safe as is reasonable? It'll probably just be me and maybe a couple of buddies using this.

Behind the pullup bar and rings area, either facing the back wall or the wall opposite the side door, is where I'm thinking I'm going to put my barbell and associated gear (once I get some more money, though--moving is expensive). I could also get some dumbells and put them along that wall.

Any more ideas any of you have would be great.
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