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Arthritis from intense workouts?

This may be a stupid and/or non-scientifically-supportable question. And I am really "just wondering", rather than asking from direct experience.

But anyway, does anyone have any thoughts/knowledge about long-term, high-intensity exercise, such as Crossfit or powerlifting (or endurance running, track-and-field, etc, for that matter) on the level or severity of geriatric osteoarthritis?

I guess that reason I ask is I have a medical background and see patients every day that have had some random injury to a joint (for example), often years ago, that has led to severe, sometimes debilitating arthritis.

So, I often think about those injuries after a workout like Diane, and my lower back is tight/achy for 2-3 days afterward (another example). Obviously, I am not stressing the joints and/or spinal discs enough to cause injury, but am I causing enough stress to cause slight amounts of joint trauma or cartilage breakdown that will lead to a lot more arthritis in 20 years than I would have if I was a couch potato?

Thanks for any insight.
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