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Wednesday, December 28, 2005 - Crossfit's WOD 051228

Bike 4 minutes @ 20kmh

8lbs wall-ball 10' target x 50 reps
Chinups x 50 reps
8lbs wall-ball 10' target x 35 reps
Chinups x 35 reps
8lbs wall-ball 10' target x 20 reps
Chinups x 20 reps

Time: 15:29

The heaviest med ball in the gym was 8lbs, which was too easy. I blew through these like nothing. Chinups, on the other hand, killed me. Every round was broken. I really need to improve my chinup endurance if I want faster times. To give an example, my wall-ball rounds were done in about 3:30 total ... so it took me 12 minutes to do 105 chinups? That's sad.

And the lovely girlfriend whooped my *** again at 14:28.

Andy: thanks man! I appreciate the support. I think once I get access to a camera that can film at least 4 minutes, I'll give those bench marks a shot!
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