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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Jim C---so what is the B'day challenge that you will give yourself.

Yesterday did the 100217 workout: Tabata this. Tabata row for 8 rounds, rest 1 minute, tabata squat for 8 rounds, rest one minute, tabata pull up 8 rounds, rest one minute, tabata pushups 8 rounds, rest one minute, tabata situps 8 rounds. take the lowest # of either calories (for the row) or fewest # reps within each set and add the numbers for total.

Row: 5555555567==5
Squat: 21,30,20,27, 20, 22, 21, 25===20
Pull ups: 10,6,7,3,6,4,6,4==3
Push ups: 16,12,10,10,10,9,7,6==6
Sit ups (on GHD): 16,14,13,10,11,9,10,10==9

Total score = 43.

I don't have access to my last year's journal right now. Pretty sure that this was done late last year.
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