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Re: Elite crossfit athlete development theory

The "Sport of Fitness" or CrossFit as a sport is still in it's infancy. Not enough time has elapsed to determine the original question. A good example is my son, he is 6 and he does CrossFit. He can do kipping pullups, 24" box jumps, 105 lb deadlift, climb the rope etc. He does not play team sports yet, but I believe if he continues on the track he is on he may be a succesful CrossFit competitor one day.

The elite competitors as of right now did not have a chance to compete in CrossFit until it became popular as a sport, which only started in 2007. Having a background in any type of athletics is helpful for success in any sport, CrossFit is no exception. Most weightlifters, powerlifters, strongman competitors started as Football players or participated in some other type of high school or collegiate athletics.
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