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Re: The Wolverines Log

Monday, 04.18.11
ME Back Squat (Low Bar)

GHR: 2x10
Hip Thrusts: 1x20 with 45lb bar
Sled Dragging: 225lb for ~60m
Weighted Abmat Situps: 2x15 with 45lb DB

I had spotters for my 350 the first time. The one spotter accidentally bumped the one side so it tipped and the other guy straightened it back out as I stood up. They said they barely touched it on the way up so I may have legit got it. I tried it again and it just wouldn't go. GHR's were slower tempo with no momentum this time as well as holding my arms up at my chest. Put less weight on the sled drags this time and stood up straighter while walking. Hit the hamstrings way harder. I've searched the internet everywhere, I really wish someone would actually explain how much weight to use, how fast you should go, etc. If I can't figure it out soon I'm just gonna dump it and do more sets of assistance stuff.
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