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Re: Top 10 Ways to Avoid Giving a Client Rhabdo

Originally Posted by Trevor Shaw View Post
I apologize if I came off to harsh in the first post. That was not my intention. And, f I didn't like Crossfit I wouldn't be here, i respect its place in the conditioning world. The point I was trying to make was that Crossfit needs to hold itself to a higher standard then other certifications. It is better than that! To do so it first needs a national accreditation by a recognized licensing board. It also needs to hold its trainers to a higher standard and make sure they have more baseline knowledge before they give a level 1. My point was simply that you will never see a Crossfit Cert as head strength and conditioning coach for a collegiate / professional / olympic team until it provides their trainers with more education. There is simply no way that someone who took a weekend course or even 5 weekend courses could understand the mechanics of teaching and adapting techniques (ex. the snatch and squat) to a newby the same way someone with 4 years of classroom and practical experience could.
I think the trainers and the trainee's both deserve more for their $1000, don't you?
Interesting to point out not seeing a CrossFit Cert as a head strength and conditioning coach for a collegiate/professional/olympic team. There are countless examples of collegiate/professional/Olympic team coaches who have been through the certs, use CrossFit in their training programs, and endorse it wholeheartedly. I was a division I athlete, and my S&C coach is now part of the CrossFit Olympic lifting certification team. CrossFit really isn't much different than a good S&C program at a top tier athletic program. It's just brought that training to the average person like no other program before it and added the time/intensity aspect to get unparalleled results. I only wish I new back then what I do now.

Great post on Rhabdo by the way to start this thread!
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