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Re: "Your boyfriend looks like a gorilla"

5-3-1, C1, W2
125kg x 3
145kg x 3
162.5kg x >3

Interesting story - misloaded the bar for the 162.5kg so only had 161.25kg on (missing jammy dodger) and pulled 9 reps. I was so mad at myself for misloading the bar that I put the biscuit on and after a couple of minutes rest pulled another set of 6

For time
100kg deadlift
50 thruster (from floor)

4:51 PB down from over 6 minutes - need to get this unbroken to shave more time off

K-Star's latest offering on calf and ankle mobility - nice
5'10" 89kg Fran=4.44, CFT=425kg, Angie=18.20, Cindy=20 rds, 20 rep squat=110kg, Murph=36.20 Old Log / New Log
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