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Re: "Your boyfriend looks like a gorilla"

5-3-1 C1 W2
45kg x 3
50kg x 3
57.5kg x >3 7 reps

Freddy's Revenge
Five rounds for time of
5 x 82.5kg shoulder to overhead anyhow
10 x burpees

All reps except one from behind the neck and the vast majority done as split jerks. First set unbroken, middle 3 broken into 2/3 or 3/2 and last set of jerks unbroken. Burpees always kill me

Mobility WOD from KStar's new blog at
4 minutes opening up the front of each hip capsule

These Mobility WODs are now going to be added to my daily routine, and when I'm back at work they'll fit in as soon as I get home each afternoon - these are awesome and the blog is pretty funny too
5'10" 89kg Fran=4.44, CFT=425kg, Angie=18.20, Cindy=20 rds, 20 rep squat=110kg, Murph=36.20 Old Log / New Log
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