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Re: Paying for Paleo in College

Hey Aidan, i'm up at oregon state and eating probably about 75-85% paleo (dairy accounts for the missing chunk). stock up nonperishables and you're going to have to stretch the jerky and dried fruit moderation a bit. half gallons of milk fit really nicely in the mini fridges and i found a 2 restaurants in the dining hall up here that do the trick - one has chicken satays and veggies everyday and the other has a carved meat and chicken legs every night for dinner, on top of a little market in the hall where i get my GOMAD. basically i'm sure you won't have a problem - if i can pull off paleo in college in a small town like corvallis you certainly can do it in santa cruz. i remember, as lame as it may be, my biggest concern was diet (being able to find whole and healthy foods) before i took off for school.
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