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Re: Vegetarian doing CrossFit

Originally Posted by John C Corona View Post
Hey Ankit, welcome to the boards. Your blog's interesting, I'll bookmark it.

Pescatarian here. I consume fish a couple times a month. I get the fish from fish market that's cut from a whole fish in front of you. I do not consume dairy, eggs, soy or whey. I gave up the powdered protein (used to do Hemp) -> more room for whole/real food. I just recently am trying the no grains or legumes thing, and have been pretty successful just eating vegetables and lots of fruits. I ate 4 Georgia peaches yesterday in one sitting, and could've eaten more but would've had none for today. The bulk of my calories are from bananas usually. I do not do zone proportions. I do not experience tiredness during the day, just boundless energy. I do all organic - just to get the most 'good stuff' and least 'bad stuff' as possible.

My main reason for not consuming meat is not trusting the sources. 2nd is how cute those animals are. I read that you've been vegetarian since 12 yrs old, what is your reason for staying vagetarian?
Thanks for the input. Do you mind if i put your post on my blog one day? I always like getting input form other people.

I became a vegetarian for religious reasons (I'm Hindu) and now it's really more out of habit. I've contemplated not being a vegetarian but for now I'm going to stick with it. How long have you been vegetarian?

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