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Re: Over 50 CrossFitters Sign In

I prefer doing workouts in the a.m. - - do my best work between about 9:00 and Noon, before I eat. I cannot eat, even three or four hours ahead of a workout and perform at my peak. Don't know or understand why....

I work out at a globo and occasionally, at home; there is no affiliate closer than about an hour and fifteen minutes away. This should change soon; as I hope to become part-owner in an affiliate opening here in Sonora soon. I have been on a 2-on/1-off; 3-on/1-off routine since starting in Sept., '08.

The globo has no bumper plates, only one C2 rower, no routinely available kettlebells, and pull-up bars which are part of cable-crossover machines. The selection of weights is adequate for most WODs, though the location of the weights is in an opposite section of the gym facility from the GHD bench, rower, and the better machines, should one choose to do a metcon with a treadmill.

Personal equipment includes a C2 rower, 20# med ball, speed rope, BOSU, PVC pipe, and one pair of 15# dumbells. I will be adding to this when I again become employed and can afford to.....

Running: Currently non-existent due to pulled R/Achilles. Prior to that, was laid up for almost two years having torn three of my four quad tendons off my R/knee. Am currently studying up on and beginning non-stressful aspects of POSE. When I can start, have nice, mountainous terrain and county roads at 4600 feet. Great O2 debt conditions!!

Next items on list? Another cert, if possible, maybe one or two Kbs or pairs of dumbbells, and/or perhaps a less-expensive GHD bench.
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