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Re: What Does Your Ink Mean?

Originally Posted by Robert D Taylor Jr View Post
Very much traditional Sailor style ink with personal meaning to me but mainly an accurate look at my mind as a young WOman.
I'm with Robert in that I have a hodge podge of tats mostly accrued during my young Navy years......

Roses and my name on my lower back - call it a tramp stamp if you like, but I was 18 and rebellious

"I Believe" and a Cross across my right calf - self explanatory, this is my most simple and most asked about (also most visible) I designed it myself using paint.

A monkey on my right hip - Yes, I am the monkey girl.

A beach paradise scene on my breastbone - got the location idea from a girl in boot (may have still been a bit rebellious at this point), wanted something peaceful, plus I have a really upbeat attitude and often will say something like, "Just another day in paradise!"

A large purple flower on my upper back - cover-up This is where I stopped, though I have often had plans to continue further with this, just not sure what.
I'm on a boat.....
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