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Re: A little crossfit humor...

OK, Ladies and Gentlemen, here's the skinny:

I'm still waiting to hear back from two more printers, otherwise here's the best deal (which, while I found it through one of my friends, isn't good because I'm getting a mate-rate, these are their regular prices):

With an order of 12 or more shirts (we currently have 11 requests, counting two for me and two for Sean), we can get them for about $7.50 each. Less than that, they'll be about $19 each. There are price breaks every dozen after that, but they're not as significant. The least they'd be is about $6.80.

The total for an order of 12 is about $90.00. Shipping would be free.

In order to get that price, we'd have to buy them all at once, and that means getting a collection together. I'm looking into that now, perhaps some kind of paypal setup into which we all deposit, but only an agent of the company can withdraw from? Don't get me wrong, I know I'm trustworthy, but, to all of you, I'm a bloke on the net you haven't met, so I'm trying to be as pragmatic as possible and find a method which is un-rip-off-able, so everyone feels secure in chipping in.

Alternatively, I can format the artwork as the vendor requires, post it here, and you cal all go to the vendor's website (WFS) individually and get a shirt printed. On small orders, shipping is still free. However, they're more expensive; you can get one for $12.95, but the shirt quality doesn't look too good. You can get a better quality shirt, but it'll be $19 or more, depending on what you select.

Like I said, I might still be able to beat this deal, but whatever I can come up with, the prices won't get any better unless we find an acceptable way to pass the collection plate.

Any thoughts?

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