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Re: A little crossfit humor...

Originally Posted by James Reynolds View Post
Don't forget the original iPood shirts ...
Originally Posted by Adam Strome View Post
Ha ha, well I guess my idea isn't enitrely original!
Well, yeah... except, for the original shirt should've read "iPooed"...

So, Adam, at least you can take solace in the fact that you're both clever AND a good speller...

On the shirt front, 'cause a few people have PM'd me, just wanted to let y'all know:

If we have enough people interested in an iPood shirt, we can get them for around $5.00 each. However, we would only get that price if we ordered 350-400 of them. That's nearly $2,000 in printing costs, so there'd have to be a collection for most of it, because sadly I don't have that kind of cash to front.

Alternatively, a much smaller order could be placed, but then they'll be $20-25 per shirt. When I'd mentioned having one for myself, that shirt would probably cost me $35-40 for a single printing, even with the mate-rates I'd get from my friends in the biz. In that situation, we might as well do a print-on-demand ala CustomInk or CafePress... I'm not sure on an order of less than 100 that I could beat the prices of those sites by much, even with my friends giving me deals, and going through a conventional vendor would still involve an up-front outlay.

The best scenario is that my most reliable contacts come back to me and say there's no issue with selling them. Then, an order could be placed for a large quantity and they could be posted for sale @ $5.00 on a site somewhere. I'm sure there're loads of CFers who'd buy them at that price, and I could work out a payment plan with the vendor knowing the whole order would sell in a reasonable timeframe.

Again, this last bit about selling is up to Adam, it's his IP.
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