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Re: Vanessa's1st Crossfit Journal


Had to scale this since I don't have rings and I have never even tried a muscle up. I'll get better aquainted with the pullups first. So, I subbed 15 pullups and 15 dips for every 5 reps of muscle ups. Of course I think this makes for a longer "round" so I finished 5 and then got through the Glute Ham Situps. Also, I had to rig something up to do the glute ham situp and hip extensions. My gym only has the 45 degree angle back extension doodad. I put a bench next to the squat rack and used the safety bar on the side to anchor my feet. It worked relatively well.

So, 5 full rounds of:

12 lunges
15 gh situps
15hip extensions
15 pullups (with band assist)
15 dips (with bad assist)


Should I have added weight to the lunges?

They were by the far the easiest part of the workout but were a welcome change after the pullups which was the most challenging part of the workout. I am inclined on these body weight workouts to let me upper body "catch up" to my lower body strength.

Are band assisted to best way to successfully transition into "real" pullups? I like the feel of the band better than the assist from the gravitron/machine asssist.

Will go back later for the CFE workout...In the meantime I'll be slaving away over this stupid paper....
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