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Eric Gagnon
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Re: Any Mainers out there?

Hey all.

My name is Eric and I live in Auburn and work in Brunswick. I have been CFn off and on for over a year - lately it has been mostly off after a two week vaca in Vegas and a appendectomy. Currently I am a member of the *cough*Planet Fitness in Lewiston and do my workouts there. Suprisingly they are cool with me running around the gym while I do the WODs. A friend of mine and I usually get together and push cars around, pull sleds, sledge hammer hits, sprints, and throw the football around - we would love to join some local CF club if you will. Feel free to add me to the email distribution list : egagnon at

Also, I believe the AMMA link that Robert posted is no longer an affiliate though they seem to advertise as such if you drive by their academy spot in Sabattus. Think they may hold CF classes?

Look forward to talking with you guys.
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