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Re: Iraq Puppy incident

I try to just observe posts like this but this one time my blood is a little up. Marines, soldiers, airman, and sailors have been waging war for this country for five years. The invasion of Iraq took place in March 2003. I participated in the invasion and got out of the Marines in September 2003. My particular version of the war has very little resemblance to some of the things that the guys and gals have faced over there in the intervening years. Since I got out several Marines that I trained have been killed, several of my friends have been injured, and several others have come back with what seems to be permanent damage to their psyches from the things they have seen.

Why do I offer that little tidbit up? Simply to illustrate that unless you have seen what those American heroes have seen, you really shouldn't sit over here, in safety, and comment on their actions. I know from personal experience that the media makes mountains out of molehills. As an example, I participated in the takedown of the port city of Umm Qasr in March 2003. There was an embedded journalist from 60 Minutes II who was with us. On the third or fourth day we were there elements of my company engaged in what was essentially a minor firefight with some insurgents/plainclothes Iraqi Army dudes. We brought massively superior firepower to bear on the enemy and there was minimal danger to our guys in that particular incident.

Myself and several of my buddies were interviewed by the journalist and the interview made it onto 60 minutes in a spot titled "The Battle for Umm Qasr." A more appropriate title would have been "The minor skirmish that a well-trained squad of Marines hardly loses sleep over." My family and friends saw this segment and lost their **** because the way that the piece was portrayed. It appeared that myself and my buddies were in grave danger. The media will sensationalize any aspect of this war to get headlines. Stories about the countless lives of Iraqi citizens that have been helped don't seem to be all that important as a dumbass throwing a dog to the media machine.

If the young Devildog threw a dog off a cliff shame on him. Walk a mile in his 110 lb. combat load, in 100+ degree heat for weeks on end, on a constant edge, with the images of his hurt or dead buddies in your head before you pass judgement. Thats all I have to say.

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