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Re: Iraq Puppy incident

Lynne already addressed another...ahem...individual very eloquently in the "Community" forum.

Does this line of reasoning really make sense:

military person throws puppy = bad
thus all military persons are bad

White people in KKK = Bad
thus all white people are bad


Quote from Elliot:
"There are a lot of fanatics out there right now chastising the military and Americans for caring more about a puppy than human beings. I don't think it's quite so black and white."

Here is some first hand news for ya. While you were busy writing this thread 4 U.S. Army individuals were injured in a rocket attack on the base I am stationed at. I bet you folks like you won't give that news any more thought than what it took for you to tie your shoes this morning.

Quote from Lynne Pitts in community forum:

Long story short: The military is a cross-section of society. It includes representatives of (mostly) the very very best of us, and also, sometimes, the worst of us.

That's reality. I'm going to close this thread, because it's going to turn political and ugly.

You have every right to be outraged at the individuals and their individual actions, just as you (we all) should be moved to tears by Lone Survivor, our own Brian Chontosh, the men who have workouts named for them, etc., on the basis of their individual actions.

You don't, however, in my opinion, have any right to try and somehow blame or indict the military as a whole because of the actions of a few bad, bad people, who are promptly and properly dealt with in accordance with military and civilian law.


Sorry Lynne.
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