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Re: What has been your biggest obstacle?

Originally Posted by Michael Hollister View Post
Agree--my biggest obstacle has been pre-existing injuries and lack of knowledge.

Even as a fairly active military guy, my sedentary life was still clearly taking a toll.

Jumping in to CrossFit, even with good training on the movements, I was getting hurt because I didn't really know how to use my body.

When you spend a lot of time at a desk and driving (like most of us), and have been doing that for years, you begin to atrophy in key stabilization muscles that most of us take for granted (e.g. hip flexors).

For me this led to unstable hips, and an ensuing chain reaction of unstable joints and muscle compensations throughout my body. Bear in mind I was pretty yoked and scoring top scores in the USMC fitness tests. But I was still getting hurt.

Thankfully I discovered that stabilization and alignment was the issue and was able to fix it (on my own).

Sure would have been nice to know that before diving in, but now I just try to coach people to prevent the same from happening to them.
Thanks for sharing. What box are you at? I'm down in Denver.
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