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Thrombossed Hemerrhoid -- Ouch...

Allrighty. First off, if you have something like, "Be a man and pop it and quite being a little girl" to say, just stop. You've obviously never had one, or your a marine who had one in Iraq, and I am just not as tough as you. In which case, respect.

Also, disclaimer, this is gross, I apologize, if you have a weak stomach, don't google image this thing.

So, Saturday morning, I drank my coffee, had my morning glory, ate some breakfast and cruised off to the gym. I felt something kinda funky back there, but it wasn't painful, or really bothersome, just there. I kinda felt like crap, kinda nauseous, ate bad the night before, you know. Went in, did 3RFT, 400M run, 10FS (185), 50 DU. Then did a clean complex, some chest to bar practice, and week 5.1 of Hatch. So, a pretty good amount of stuff.

Then got in the car, drove 2.5 hours for some work stuff, then 2.5 hours back. That night, I felt like someone thumb was stuck up my butt and pulling it to the side. Monday morning, things were really bad. Went to a walk-in clinic, he told me I had a thrombossed hemorrhoid and the blood clot needed to be removed. Cool, just do it, this sucks. Fast forward through some of the worst pain of my life, and 2 days on the couch, this thing sucks. I can move around today, will try going for a walk in a bit. Maybe some bench or strict pull-ups tomorrow.

Anywho, it feels like the hemorrhoid is still there, and still pretty painful. Definitely not debilitating, but I sure ain't squattin' today. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with this, recovery time, how long it took to get back to full force, diggin' in.
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