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Re: 500m Row Times

Did a workout last week that started with a 500 M row and have been obsessed with rowing since. Why? Because when I finished I felt horrible and thought that I might be the worst rower ever.

I hadn't really rowed for years (like 10) and even then I didn't pay much attention, just did it to warm up and stretch out. So I had no real concept of what a good 500 M time was. I got on the machine, set the workout for 500 M and got started. Five minutes and forty seconds later I stumbled off the rower and proceeded to complete one of the worst workouts of my life.

A few days later I talked to a couple of the trainers who were shocked at my time. Both of them got on the rower and did 100 M in just under a minute. Both row sub 1:30 normally. Thankfully, I wasn't the screw up one, the machine was. It was not calibrated correctly (water rower) and therefore I'd done about three times more rowing than I should have. Turns out that instead of doing a 500 M row I did something closer to a 1500 M row. FML.

But for two days I was obsessed with rowing and decided that I needed to get way better at it. Which is why I read this entire thread and have started doing rowing workouts to improve my time.

Did my first 500 M x 4 today with two minutes rest between (on a properly calibrated rower).

1: 1:44.8
2: 1:40.0
3: 1:40.1
4: 1:40.4

I never felt too gassed after any of the 500s and am going to do a single 500 for time this weekend. Current goal is a sub 1:35 500 M and doing 4 sub 1:40s for a 500 M x 4 row.

Water rower, 31/m/5'6"/175
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