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Drop-In Etiquette

What's up guys. I travel a lot for both work and leisure, and since coming to crossfit have really enjoyed making "drop-ins" a part of my travels. has left me impressed with the sense of community that comes from being a crossfitter, no matter how far away from home you find yourself. At my home box, we always go out of our way to meet new people, especially drop-ins.

Anyway, I'd like to get people to share some do's and dont's for dropping into a new box while out of town, maybe share some good experiences or even some horror stories.

I'll get the ball rolling by suggesting SHOWING UP EARLY...

This afternoon I was asked to leave a box in Central Florida (don't want to snitch but it sounds a lot like Grossfit Cainesville), after getting lost on the way to the gym and walking in at 3:05 for a 3:00 WOD. I apologized for being a little late, explained I got lost and introduced myself as an experienced crossfitter. There were 2 other clients in the gym, both of whom looked as if they'd require little supervision for this WOD (Barbara). The trainer looked me in the eye and told me they were about to start and that I'd have to come back for the next class in an hour and a half (the look of confusion/WTF?!? on my face must have been palpable). As I pulled out of the parking lot I noticed the trainer looking very busy, taking pictures of the 2 guys doing the workout. Needless to say, I won't be showing up at that box again... ever.

This was by far the most disappointing experience I've had while traveling as a crossfitter.
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