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Shoulder Press and Bench Press Help needed

I am pretty far behind the curve when it comes to strength in the shoulder press and bench press. I am looking for a program or methodology I can follow to help get them up to speed. Looking at Texas Method, or 5 3 1 they all have other lifts mixed in. I really only want to focus on bench and shoulders for a while and I am not sure the best way to tackle it. I have tried doing it 5 3 1 style, but it seems like waiting an entire week in between shoulder presses seems a bit long. I tried 5's on Mondays, 3's on Wed and the 1+ on Fridays, but I am not sure if that is right either.

I do Crossfit at a box regularly so this will be supplemental to that.

I have attached a screenshot form BTWB that shows my current level if it helps.
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