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Garrett Smith
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Smattering of foot/ankle/hip 3 reps

Modified WOD:
Total 2.1 miles by Google Earth
Ran ~0.8 miles, slight uphill, ending HR ~171
Rested in full squat until HR <100
Ran ~60% of the uphill of a 0.6 mile (round-trip, Sabino Mountain) 18% grade hill, walked to top, rested in full squat until HR <100, walked down--I like my knees
Ran ~0.8 miles, slight downhill, ending HR ~170
Rested in full squat until HR <100
Sprinted about 50m
Laid down until I felt "normal" (Corpse pose from yoga)

There's too many dang cars, the air just isn't very good at even 7-7:30am...I'll definitely have to start running earlier if I want to do this particular run again...
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