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Re: Fish Oil Recomendation

Re: costco fish oil--- discussed in another thread ..way back when....

Considering that pharmaceutical grade usual refers to the quantity of the omega 3 found in the oil. Not the quality of the oil itself. Since there is no defined standard of that grade, its up in the air.

Testing for toxins.. that is voluntary testing to a third party .. ie ifos If you look at the list of submitted is only a drop in the barrel of what fish oil products are out there. Of course the ones that are on that list are going to tout themselves as being the best vs costco who could be buying the very tested oil and relabelling the product but just hasn't bothered to be tested as its one product of 10s of millions in their inventory.

fish oil vs fish .. safe?
note the pearls of practise comment at the bottom.

if your brand is in this list?

The good news is that every product in this report was found to be free of mercury, PCBs and other contaminants found in fish.
lookie here Kirkland (Costco)

NEW LINK but it doesnt reveal the review like it on the above one.
but i do recall that costco brand was one of the fifty clean brands.

I understand that the average person has a higher mercury exposure rate just by walking outside in any downtown centre than from eating fish per year. ( its a judgement call as how much of a risk one is willing to take)
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