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Chris H Kelly
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Review of Get Rx'd Equipment

Whats everyone,

I wanted to post this up so people can check this site out. We found out about Get Rx'd back in October. As we were getting ready to open our affiliate, we would make small purchases at a time, slowly building our equipment up. And just before our opening last week we made a larger purchase to ensure we covered all our bases.

Get Rx'd equipment is affordable. VERY affordable. I couldn't have got the amount of equipment I did for what I spent. Kettlebells and dumbbells are $1/lbs, bumper plates are dirt cheap too! Before I found Get Rx'd, I only had dynamax med balls, there med balls are great. All of my athletes reach for the Rx'd balls. After several weeks of abuse, everything has held up, very well too! These guys are very flexible and friendly. They're warehouse is based out of Houston, and you can buy straight from there or they ship it to you. I tried going to Troy's warehouse right down the road and they wouldn't even talk to me, I was instructed to go down the road to a retail store that sold KB for $2+/lbs. As a new affiliate, I can't afford that.

Get Rx'd will definitely be our friend for a long time. As soon as this months dues comes in, we're making a trip to buy more equipment, hopefully our GHD will be on the list (I've used their GHD, its built like a tank, minus the price tag!) This place is my toy store. Go check out their web site and see what you think. Feel free to drop in at CrossFit Baytown and use our Rx'd equipment and see if it fits your needs! You must indicate whether your links are Work and Family Safe (WFS)

Chris Kelly
CrossFit Baytown
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