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Re: Living Out of a hotel for 3 Months. Limited equipment and food options. Any Ideas

Originally Posted by Rohan Sookdeo
I ussually workout in my basement with the basics. Med balls, a Pullup bar, heavy bag, kb's etc...What can I substitute for pullups and lets say deadlifts, squats etc? I think those are important to continue my progress.
Take the KBs with you. Many people find that after doing KB work for several weeks their deadlift improves. As far as squats/leg strength, you've got:
- front squats (single and double KB)
- overhead squats (single and double KB),
- lunges (forward, reverse, diagonal, lateral; all can be done with either one or two KBs in the racked or overhead position),
- Sumo-Deadlift High Pulls,
- pistols (unweighted and well as weighted with one or two KBs in the racked, overhead position, or held out in front of you).

Beyond KBs I'd say a med ball (which you already have) and a sandbag (which you can make for cheap). I also second the rings suggestion.
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