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Re: Gracilis muscle injury?

Pretty much collapsed arches with bad knee angles. My knees angle in more than they are supposed to, in addition to my pronation of the feet pulling them in even more....e.g. if a person's knee is relatively above the knees are much inward and not aligned with the ankle which put added strain to the joint. The integrity of my ligaments are good based on what little doc help I got....have some patella femoral issues, but the reason I think its a gracilis issue, is the location of the pain, and the way the pain behaves. I think I had a tear in the muscle and with the gracilis being so think its not like there are fibers around it to help....whereas something like a quad, has a greater fiber area. I am not getting much medical help, and after 8 weeks or so, i'm frustrated. Not sure if injections would help either. I also have hip issues which put strain on my gait which also could be a factor! I just wasn't given the best structural body, but I'll figure out how to train smarter...or win the lottery and get medical attention or go to medical school myself! I'll check out those sites! Thanks!!
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