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Brooke Simmons
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Tony and Larry,

Thank you for the advice! Good point about the WOD -- if I ever feel that I'd rather not do the beginner's workout because it's getting too routine, I'll try a scaled version of the WOD instead. Definitely better to start that early than to quit out of boredom! And I will try the leg exercises, too. I doubt that I could finish a 5x5 rep 1-legged squat set with even bodyweight right now, so that's where I'll start.

"And if it doesn't so what? You'll be so awesome nobody (including you) will notice anyway."

I love that attitude! :-) True, I don't actually know that the legs were the same size before the surgery. In fact, I doubt they were, since was a pitcher in softball, and the motion is so asymmetric with respect to the legs. If I had to guess, I would say that my right leg was actually the stronger one before the injury... but I'm not sure.

Thank you both!
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