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Re: How do You use the work out of the day?

Originally Posted by Joey Shishineh View Post
Call it what you want, 'strength work' or 'for time' but if you go heavy enough it will be strength training. And that was my point exactly, GO HEAVY during 1 WOD/week. Just because it says 'for time' doesn't mean it you have to go as fast as possible (or that you even can go as fast as possible). If it is heavy, the weight will limit you and you will be forced to rest and focus on form (just like during a strength WOD - #-#-# .)

So, by going heavy on one WOD per week, you will be changing the priority/focus of the workout thus taking a once metcon WOD and turning it into a strength training WOD.
That makes sense to me for sure. It also depends on your goals. If you are looking for moderate strength gains, this would be a good way to get stronger. If you are looking for big strength gains, than more of a crossfit football type workout would be better (bigger heavier weights in a traditional since, 3x5, or something with heavy heavy weight).

Heavier, less reps, gets you stronger. Like you said. Good concept on the WoD, had not thought about that. I've just been adding sets.
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