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Happy to be here. After years of thinking I was in shape, a couple of WODs shed some light on that. Even prior to CF, I was focusing on body weight exercises (a la Furey) and grappling. The two seemed like an excellent combination. However, my vigor for training has led me to have several set backs. I'm sure like many CFers, I have a family, a full time job, a baby, dogs, and all the other important things in our lives.
- After going 100% on a WOD, I went to a jiu jitsu class the next day. To say the least, I was tired and feeling fatigued. However I pushed on and trained hard. While rolling, I got into an awkward position and tweaked my neck (very common). I thought like most grappling neck injuries, it would heal itself in a week or so. It's been two weeks and I do have 85% mobility in the neck (still have trouble looking down without discomfort) however, I have this constant dull headache coupled with fatigue.

I guess I'm trying to balance CF with grappling (which just kick my butt every time). Plus I realize how little mobility I have in my shoulders (ridiculous) and neck. Yoga maybe? Thoughts?

Anyway, thanks for letting join the melee. I'm grateful to be here.

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