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A bunch of us did 1000 straight snatches w/ the 16kg just for fun (actually for charity)a couple years ago. Switched every ten reps. Average times were like 50- 60 minutes. I've done 500 straight w/ the 24kg, though I don't see much point in these as actual workouts. I think if your going over ten reps per set it's high rep. I never touch the 24 anymore for snatches 32 and 40 only.

I use a foot file, it looks like a really big nail file. I use the less rough side right after i shower. Everyday. The key is to KEEP the callous, but to keep it flat and smooth so that it doesn't rip.I have a collous on every finger below the first crease and at the base of the finger, and also one between the first finger and the thumb.
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