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Weight loss question on LC Paleo

Hi all,

So have gotten super dedicated this year to drop some excess fat, have a good visible 4 pack, but being 58 and male a bit of a spare tire is fighting me to be gone.

I eat clean, track macros and am doing 1700 cal per day, 30% Protein, 70% good fats, and around 20 grams carbs from fresh veg. Am 5'10" and stuck at 200 lbs. Have not done the bod pod but skin caliber test shows 17%bf and from using BF pictures I would guess that is close.

I train 7 days a week, doing intense WoD's 4 of those days, and the rest is split between heavy days - I do more of a Power Lifting track, and my active recovery days are mainly skill days on Old lifts, gymnastics, etc.

So I have been trying to get down to low BF, around 12% mainly to get my entry weight in to the next lower bracket for power lifting.

Question is - why no drop in weight? I can see some changes in body comp, and I cannot believe at my age I am adding that much muscle on a monthly basis. So any ideas on how to jump start some more aggressive weight loss?

My lifts all feel good, DL is 411, BS is 385, bench 235, snatch 185, C&J 225, just want to get into the 185# cat for competition and I want a leaner body as well.

Any thoughts on what to change up would be most appreciated.

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