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Hey there,
I've just started doing Oly-lifts about a month ago(actually I've done power cleans for more than a year so I adopted snatch and squat clean fairly easily.) anyway, I know in periodization, there're the hyperthropy(high volume, low to moderate intensity), strength(low volume, high intensity), power, maintenance stages. I'm at the first stage right now, which requires high volume for each workout. right now I'm doing back squat and power clean on the same day. but I'm beginning to wonder, since I'm not doing any competitive sport can I vary the periodization stage of each workout? eg I want to increase my leg muscles so I do low reps and high intensity. but I still want to do high volume for my power clean, but at moderate intensity. the reason:
1. save time by not doing huge volume for each workout(I do other excercises, too.)
2. my recovery from the squat position is my weakness so building leg strength before I start the strength phase of my Oly-lifts may help me, right?

essentially, I'm giving each workout a separate period and they're 90 deg out of phase with each other. yeah, like sines and cosines if you're a geek :smile:
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